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near Todleth : Jean Atkin

in a field of docks rain falls on us

   here are white hanks of sheepswool
      pegged like washing
         between drying posts

we breathe in lanolin and damp

   by clouded reeds a tatty ewe
      lurches away with her twins
         her off-fore lame

her bag all lumpy with mastitis

   you said it wouldn’t last
      we follow  
         an orange tip butterfly over the stile

Gratefully received from Jean for our Big Lit 2020 Window Poems

Panning for words : Chrys Salt

Dip your pan 

and dredge it in the stream. 

Discard the rock, 

it has no worth. 

Next rubble roughened with the rasp 

of too much thought 

might have you fooled, 

but tip it back, 

it's poor stuff for your trade. 

Now down to grit 

your prospect's better now. 

Sieve it, inspect it, 

swill it round 

then maybe in its settling 

you'll find a tiny gleam 

of gold dust in the silt, 

the inkling of a seam. 


From: Skookum Jim and The Klondike Gold Rush 
Published by Indigo Dreams Publishing
Available from