Kei Miller

Jamaican writer Kei Miller is the last to come to the Bakehouse as part of our Homelands series. He writes both poetry and fiction which either takes place in the West Indies or is about how West Indian immigrants make sense of the strange places in which they find themselves .

Kei has been nominated for the Commonwealth Writers First Book Prize (Fear of Stones), The Dylan Thomas Prize (There is an Anger that Moves) and The Scottish Book of the Year for The Same Earth which also won Jamaica’s Una Marston Prize for Literature. He is published by Carcanet and  currently teaches Creative Writing at Glasgow University.

Miller’s ….voice is distinctly, 'not from around here'. But his use of dialect never feels like a gimmick, these poems exist melodically almost above language. Some poems illuminate the life of a foreigner living in Scotland, others float between history, folk-tale, songs and stories. (Ryan Van Winkle)

This collection demonstrates Kei Miller's powerful, self assured and original voice. My only hope is that the next collection equals the control, the impact and the depth of this one. This is a book of intense emotion; belonging, love, fear, regret, and it was not simply the anger that moved me. (There is An Anger that Moves - Iot Magazine)